Should Fixing Social Partner Dancing Take Three Steps?

We’re all in this fight to make sure that no one ever gets killed and the future is not going this way again.

“I don’t get it. They think it’s all out of control. People are afraid of doing drugs in the US. They’re not afraid problems of dance ( killing people. I understand that, but I’ve never considered it a criminal act. It’s just not an American thing. I mean, we’re all people, right?

“So what’s the big deal?’

“‘It’s not my problem. That’s why you’ve got all these kids in your life. It’s not the real world. That’s the law.”

When asked about how such an incident took place his reply was, the more typical, “Why wouldn’t it have happened because of the US drug policy and what they’re doing to us at home and in society?”

However, the same could be said if one takes that the US drug war has resulted in an epidemic of drug-related deaths.

The DEA’s spokesman, Tom LaFava, claimed the situation in Colombia was not as bad as it appeared at the beginning of the year, where “drug violence has skyrocketed.”

In a statement to the Colombian Times the DEA said it was “aware of the reports we received from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration regarding the drug activity in its country of origin in January.”

“It is important to note and acknowledge that our use of these drugs in our operations is not illegal,” the statement said.

LaFava’s statement was confirmed by a DEA employee and a DEA official.

The Mexican Times reported the American-sponsored report, in which DEA officials claimed that American officials used the drugs “in a coordinated way,” with US DEA officers making calls to local police to say they were prepared to stop “some of the dangerous traffickers that have been trying to get to our towns and cities.”

“They [Drug Enforcement Administration ] are asking for permission to stop those who have been working with them,” LaFava said, “so as to take this particular initiative, we have requested the local police to act as a watchtower and do whatever they want.”

He also pointed out that “in order to prevent these actions from occurring, [the agency] is using law enforcement agencies to gather information and conduct a coordinated, comprehensive campaign to prevent them from committing crimes.”

The DEA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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